Gov. Snyder signs legislation to increase penalties for animal fighters

Animal fighting now a racketeering crime in Mich., property, money can be seized


LANSING, Mich. – Gov. Rick Snyder has signed legislation to increase penalties for people associated with animal fighting and animal cruelty crimes.

"This legislation provides law enforcement the tools they need to put a stop to animal fighting," Snyder said.

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The Bills:

  • Senate Bill 356, sponsored by state Sen. Rick Jones, allows for the seizure of homes and automobiles in cases involving animal fighting where the property either directly or materially contributed to the crime.

  • Senate Bill 358, sponsored by state Sen. Steve Bieda, adds animal fighting, shooting and baiting to the list of racketeering crimes. The bill provides prosecutors with tools to stop animal fighting, making it punishable by law to conspire with, aid or intimidate anyone to commit an animal fighting crime for financial gain.


  • House Bill 5789, sponsored by state Rep. Andrea LaFontaine, gives law enforcement the ability to shut down any venue found to be associated with animal fighting. The bill also allows for the removal and sale of any personal property found within the premises. 

The three bills now are Public Acts in Michigan.

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