Happy Birthday to the National Guard

National Guard: Securing and protecting our freedom for 376 years


WASHINGTON – Thursday marks the 376th birthday of the National Guard. It was December 13, 1636 the Massachusetts General Court established the first citizen militia in our nation which has grown to become the National Guard. For the last 376 years citizen soldiers have helped secure our freedom in the American Revolution and to protect that freedom until this day. 

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To commemorate the anniversary U.S. Representative Candice Miller released the following statement:

The 376 years of an unbroken line of service in defense of all us is testament to the character of these sons and daughters of liberty from across this great nation.

We all must continue to stand up strong to support those who serve us.  In the coming days Congress will consider the National Defense Authorization Act of 2013.  I was proud to help pass strong protections for the Air National Guard in the bill that passed the U.S. House of Representative and I am glad the U.S. Senate has followed our lead and has incorporated similar protections in their version of this important legislation.  Now those working to reconcile differences in the two bills must not water down those important protections so that we can continue to support those who so bravely defend us all.

I wish the National Guard a very happy 376th Birthday and thank all of those who continue to serve and sacrifice in defense of freedom.



---National Guard members travel through flood waters from superstorm Sandy, Hoboken, New Jersey

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According to the Army Military Website, the National Guard still consists of Citizen-Soldiers and Airmen providing protection from natural disaster and training regularly to sharpen readiness skills to benefit local communities. It has also developed into an active, ready force deploying to faraway countries to protect the national interests of the United States abroad.