Jury sees more text messages from Bobby Ferguson, Kilpatrick

Ferguson text: 'I don't push the percentage issue I turn budgets numbers for site work'


DETROIT – Former Detroit Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick had a full day of court appearances on his planner.

Kilpatrick's corruption trial in federal court resumed Wednesday after a one-day break.

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In court the jury saw more text messages from Bobby Ferguson and Kilpatrick showing how city insiders were scheming to find ways to let Ferguson in on deals in the city.

In one text Ferguson wrote "I meet with them. I cool you know I don't cry for sh** that don't help both of us. I don't push the percentage issue. I turn budget numbers for site work. What we need to talk about is f*** Soave."

Kilpatrick replied back, "Yeah I'll holla later about that."

The text is a reference to businessman Tony Soave who the feds say was forced to give Ferguson $40 million for contract awards in the city.

The defense augured test messages can easily be misinterpreted.

Next up the government may be presenting new evidence not in the original charge.

They involve the Hillman Recreational Facility which was given an $8 million face life during the Kilpatrick years.

The contractor on that job, Bobby Ferguson.


~Tony Soave leaving court~

In the afternoon, Kilpatrick was in front of Judge David Groner at Wayne County Circuit Court.

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Groner is the judge who sent Kilpatrick to prison for violating probation in a case that forced him out of office.

Kilpatrick still owes the city of Detroit more than $800,000 for obstructing justice in a civil lawsuit.