Turkia Mullin's brother federally charged with unlawfully distributing controlled substances

Hussein 'Sam' Awada charged

DETROIT – Turkia Mullin's brother has been federally charged with unlawfully distributing a controlled substance and conspiracy to commit health care fraud.

According to a federal complaint obtained by Local 4, Dr. Hussein "Sam" Awada is accused of handing out excessive amounts of the prescription painkillers including Oxycodone and Oxymorphone.

Witnesses in the complaint testified seeing Awada engage in "questionable medical practices" like charging a patient $300 for missing a stress test, administrating excessive x-rays and giving prescriptions over the phone.

Witness M-1

A witness that is listed as M-1 in the complaint, testified that he/she started a business relationship with Awada where he/she would bring in patients to his office. Awada would write prescriptions for them and then M-1 would give Awada cash.

Agents also testified about finding 20 empty prescription bottles in one home of a suspect who is listed as "M-1" in the complaint-- all prescribed by Awada.

Agents also said they found thousands of dollars and other prescription bottles in M-1's home.


--Evidence of prescriptions billed to Medicare

DEA agents conducted raids Wednesday in connection with Awada's charges at two medical buildings in Warren.  

Mullin: Former Wayne County Airport boss

Mullins was fired three months after her appointment last year to the Wayne County Airport Authority Board after it was revealed she got a $200,000 severance deal when she left her job as Wayne County's economic development director for the CEO position. Mullin later agreed to repay it and gave the county a check for the after-tax amount of $135,900. The FBI is investigating.