Armed robbers hit downtown Detroit liquor store, shoot clerk in leg

Clerk's brother says 2 gunmen opened fire before leaving with cash from store on Fort Street in Detroit

Elias Sad said his family's store has seen its fair share of crime. He said they have been hit twice this year.

DETROIT – Police are searching for two gunmen who robbed a popular downtown Detroit party store right off Fort Street Thursday morning.

Before the crooks left with the cash, they opened fire on the clerk working at the Happy 4 Liquor store.

The clerk's brother, Elias Saad, said his family's store has seen its fair share of crime.

"It's a tragedy. It sucks," said Saad.

Saad says they have been hit twice this year.

"He said, ‘Give me your money.' So we gave them the money," said Saad.

The other gunman hit up the back office, trying to find more cash.

"They came into the office where my uncle was," said Saad. "They punched my uncle in the head. He's got a big bruise or welt.  We gave him some more money."

The gunman got away with an undisclosed amount of cash.

"My brother, I guess, shouts, 'Hey, you took all our money. That's all we have,'" said Saad. "The guy screamed, 'No, you have more. I know you have more.'"

Saad says his brother told the gunmen they didn't have anymore money. The gunmen, however, didn't believe him and shot him in the leg.

Saad's brother spent the morning in surgery. Sad says he is expected to be ok.

"He broke one of his bones so he'll be in a cast at the very least," said Saad.

If you have any information about these gunmen, you are asked to call Detroit police.

--Elias Sad