Talking to your kids about the elementary school massacre

Local therapist makes some suggestions

DETROIT – The elementary school massacre in Connecticut is something people will be talking about for some time, but how do you talk about with your kids?

We asked several parents how they would talk about it with their kids and they said they didn't know.

"You tell them, I don't know," said parent Matthew Ray.

"It's one of those things I can't wrap my brain around it for myself," said teacher Dave Kolbicz.

Local therapist Cynthia Reynolds suggests emphasizing safety.

"First of all you say we're safe and that you're safe right now. This has to be the message. It doesn't depend on the age because children look at us for guidance," said Reynolds.


Reynolds also says to keep your children away from the television this weekend because children do not need to be bombarded with information about the tragedy. In addition, talk, but don't overshare. And if your child says they are scared respond with care.

Reynolds said say something like, "I don't blame you I'm afraid too. It's scary, who wouldn't be afraid. I would be more concerned if you weren't.

She also added try to be a calming influence and try to put everything in perspective.