Gov. Snyder giving Mich.'s expanded open carry bill 'extra consideration' after Newtown tragedy

Michigan governor giving close scrutiny to gun legislation allowing concealed weapons in churches, schools

Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder says he's giving close scrutiny to gun legislation that would allow concealed weapons in churches and schools.

Watch: Snyder holding off on signing concealed-carry bill.

Snyder tells The Associated Press during an interview Monday that his public safety concerns have been heightened and "deserve extra consideration" following a mass shooting that left 26 people -- including 20 children -- dead at a Connecticut elementary school.

~Parents of Sandy Hook Elementary School students arrive at the school after shooting.~

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The bill sent to the Republican governor by the GOP-controlled Legislature would allow someone who gets extra training to have a concealed weapon in a gun-free zone.

It also would put county sheriffs in charge of concealed-weapons applications instead of local boards.

President Barack Obama on Sunday pledged to seek change in memory of those ruthlessly slain by the gunman packing a high-powered rifle in Friday's mass shooting.

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