13-year-old boy says abuse by pediatrician happened in West Bloomfield home

Pediatrician Dr. Jeffrey Dembs faces charge of sexual conduct with child under age 13

Pediatrician Dr. Jeffrey Dembs
Pediatrician Dr. Jeffrey Dembs

NOVI, Mich. – Pediatrician Dr. Jeffrey Dembs faces charges of criminal sexual conduct involving a child under the age of 13.

He worked at the My Kid's Doc office located on 12 Mile Road in Novi.

Watch: Pediatrician to face charges of criminal sexual conduct with child.

Most of the alleged sexual incidents are said to have happened in the West Bloomfield home of Dembs.  

The boy told police he and his family were good friends with Dembs.

They would go there for dinners, jet skiing and boating. 

In a report a detectives wrote the boy in 2009 "decided to sit on Dr. Dembs bed and watch some TV."

The boy claims Dembs fondled him there and again during a five day trip to Las Vegas, where they saw a prize fight.

Dembs would tell the victim not to tell anybody about what happened.

According to the report, the boy drew a diagram of the bedroom of Dembs.

A friend of the doctor described the bedroom as "James Bondish" with a round bed.

The detective wrote that the boy "stated to me that these incidents would happen almost every weekend for over two years." Police believe there were about 70 incidents in all.

The last one allegedly involved oral sex. The reports says the boy "told Dr. Dembs that he did not want to see Dr. Dembs anymore. He states that the doctor told to him, 'I know you will be back, you'll always come back over.'"

Employees at My Kid's Doc say he's on a leave of absence. Under terms of his bond Dembs is to have no contact with children.


~Home where alleged abuse took place.~