Detroit solider killed in Korean War laid to rest after 60-years

Army Private First Class Ernest Fuqua declared dead, body never identified till now


ROCHESTER HILLS, Mich. – The body of a than 21-year-old soldier from Detroit was never found during the Korean War more than 60-years ago.

Army Private First Class Ernest Fuqua was declared dead. For years his family was unable to properly say goodbye until today.

Tuesday Fuqua was buried 62-years after being killed in action in North Korea.

Sue Prill has no memory of her uncle, she shares a fading photograph of a young man who left Detroit to fight for his country.

"He was such a good man and he died too young. Way too young, " said Prill.

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Fuqua was killed in November of 1950 and his body was never recovered and identified.

Than DNA from Fuqua's deceased brother helped the military identify him.

"It was an idea so far it was unbelievable, never thought I'd see it ever," said Prill.

He could have been buried at Arlington but Prill preferred that his remains be laid to rest at Christian Memorial Cemetery in Rochester Hills.

Fuqua was laid to rest next to his sister Benesha Nullely who helped raise him after their mother died young.

"Every time his birthday came around she missed him, and not knowing," said Prill.

Among those honoring Fuqua, the patriot riders and some veterans of the Korean War.

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Along with two flags, Prill received a medal from the Republic of Korea to thank her for her uncle's service.

"To see so many people come out its unbelievable, people I don't know," she said. "There's so many good people in the world you forget."


~Sue Prill accepts flag for fallen uncle.~