FBI sources: Hoffa buried in Roseville story not adding up

FBI sources says man's story suggesting Jimmy Hoffa's body is buried near Roseville home has no credibility

ROSEVILLE, Mich. – The search for Jimmy Hoffa in the first few days was the work of nearly 100 FBI agents.

They combed the streets of Metro Detroit looking for clues in the union leader's disappearance.

The Teamsters Union president was last seen in July 1975 at the Machus Red Fox restaurant on Telegraph Road in Bloomfield Hills. He was there to meet two suspected mob figures. They never showed.

After thousands of man hours and chasing thousands of leads, sources in the FBI say they have credible information on Hoffa's disappearance. They say the story from a man who says Hoffa could be buried near a Roseville home is just not adding up. The man says Hoffa was buried on the corner of Florida Street and Kelly Road. Roseville police plan to dig there on Friday.

Retired FBI agent Jon Anthony worked the case for decades with the bureau in Detroit.

"I would say it has no credibility at all," Anthony said. "It doesn't match up with anything we already know. I'd say it's just another story. Someone is trying to get publicity or is looking after a reward. Something like that."

This would not be the first wild goose chase in the search for Hoffa.

-- Machus Red Fox restaurant was on Telegraph Road south of Maple Road in Bloomfield Hills. Another restaurant is now at the address.

In 2003, the nation watched as the FBI dug near at a home in Bay County. Nothing was found.

In May 2006, the media circus went to Milford after a report. A barn was brought down and dirt was moved. Nothing was found but cigarette butts.

The most recent local search was in Detroit. There was a tip that Hoffa was buried at a home in the city. Police found blood on the floor board but nothing underneath.

On Friday, law enforcement and forensic anthropolgists from Michigan State University will start digging at the home in Roseville. While no one associated with the case thinks there is much of a chance for finding a body, few will be able to resist the effort to solve one of the country's greatest mysteries.


-- Roseville police received a tip that Jimmy Hoffa's body could be underneath a cement slab at this Roseville home.