Missing father's body discovered in Detroit home on Eastlawn Street

Body of 93-year-old Clarence Bright back at Swanson's Funeral Home

DETROIT – The casket that once held 93-year-old Clarence Bright's remains was found Tuesday inside a van parked at a gas station on Harper and Dickerson Street.

Bright's body was not inside the coffin.

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The body was discovered a short time later inside a home on Eastlawn Street, the home where the dead man's son lived.

"I never seen this before and we never thought he would go out like this," said Neighbor Terrie Gaines. "It's obvious you know he lost his mind."

"Wake up daddy." That's what police say a Detroit man was saying when he stole his father's body from the cemetery on Monday.

Family friends of Bright say he died of a stroke last week. His funeral was held at Swanson Funeral Home on Saturday.


A family friend says during the funeral one of Bright's sons did a wailing, tearful speech about how much he loved his father.

Friends say the ending got weird when the son told other mourners they were going to die and his father wouldn't be dead long.

Bright was to be buried but the ground was too wet. So workers put his casket in the mausoleum.

When they went back to get the casket to put it in the ground, it was gone.

Family and friends knew the son was taking his father's death very hard. They didn't think he'd go to this extreme.

Police say the 48-year-old son and his 38-year-old friend stole the casket Sunday morning and put it in a van.

Sources say the son really thought god would resurrect his father's body and he would soon wake up.

But that didn't happen, so for the second time Swanson picked up Bright's body and took him back to his final resting place.

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