Student collapses, dies in front of Detroit high school

Student appears to have died from natural causes at Martin Luther King Jr. High School

DETROIT – A 17-year-old Detroit Public Schools student who was a senior at Martin Luther King Jr. High School passed out in front of the school Tuesday morning.

Toron Murphy was transported by EMS to Receiving Hospital where he later passed away from what appears to be natural causes.

Students say Murphy passed out in front of them.

"We was walking in the building, and he had like, he was on the ground crying trying to get up. Everybody was stopping trying to see what was wrong with him but his mama had already pulled off," said Junior Freonna Smith.

A team of counselors was dispatched to the school to help the students and faculty of King deal with the Murphy's death.

A statement from the school district reads: Our thoughts go out to the student's family, as well as the King High School community.

Students say their hearts are broken an all they know is, a friend is gone.

DPS confirms the 17-year-old died at Detroit Receiving Hospital of what is being called natural causes.

The school called the students together after he died an told them about it. Finals that were supposed to be taken were cancelled.

"I was just petrified, I was like dang I can't finish my finals," said Junior Samuel Taylor.

Murphy was a popular student, on the football team, and known for his good GPA.

"I was hurt I couldn't believe it at first till now, I still can't believe it. But it's true," said Smith.