Local 4 sits down with Gov. Rick Snyder 1 day after he delivers State of the State

Governor says he wants citizens' help to fix crumbling roads


DETROIT – Fresh off the State of the State address, Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder is on the road today pitching his road funding plan.

The governor made a stop at Local 4 Thursday for a sit down interview to discuss specifics.

Fixing our crumbling roads was the centerpiece of Wednesday night's address.

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The funding mechanism will be a gas tax and  fee increase in registering your car. It will be user based. The more you drive, the more you'll pay for gas and the more expensive your vehicle is the more you will pay to register.

The average is about $120.

This will be no easy sell in the legislature.

No one wants to vote for a tax increase with elections coming up in 2014.

The governor says that's why he's taking his appeal directly to the public.

"This is where I need help from the citizens to talk to their legislators and say, ‘Hey we all know we have crummy roads, we know we all need to do this.' There is broad support from everybody and when it comes to elections they let them know they want someone to do the common sense thing rather than the political thing," Snyder said.

The governor had a lot to talk about last night but Detroit wasn't directly mentioned.

His reasoning? He told Local 4 Mayor Dave Bing's State of the City address is the time for that discussion. He anticipates getting a final report from the State Treasury on Detroit's finances before the new Emergency Manager Law goes into effect on March 27.

"I'll make a careful review and make decisions. I think people know I make decisions and I want to make a thoughtful one based on a good report. I really appreciate the work the city has been doing over the last couple of week to try and improve the situation; I just wish it had been done months ago," he said.

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