President's gun control efforts get mixed review

National PTA praising gun control efforts, others say education starts at home


BIRMINGHAM, Mich. – The National PTA organization is praising President Obama's gun control efforts.

Here at home, it's getting mixed reviews.

Local 4 Defender Hank Winchester has been talking to parents, schools, and businesses about the gun control plan.

The president laid out his plan to ban assault weapons, use data bases to track weapon sales and stopping those battling mental illness from obtaining weapons.

Some parents say they are happy to see Obama take on issues like bullying, other say education begins at home.

The proposed gun laws are welcome news to some. But, many think more needs to be done for those battling mental illness.

Rick Ector proudly carries a registered concealed weapon.

"This issue we are talking about, this shooting in Connecticut, it's clearly another case of a deranged individual committing an atrocious act after violating several crimes, killing his mother, stealing lawfully possessed firearms. Lets deal with the issue and not dis-arm law abiding citizens," said Ector.

The new data base will work to track those who attempt to buy guns with a history of mental illness or a criminal past.

At Action Impact in Southfield, background checks are already standard operating procedure for gun buyers.

"Nothing is going to change. I don't think we are going to be any safer. In fact I'll tell you this from the hysteria that's been created in the last month, I firmly believe there are more firearms in your community now than there would be in the next three years," said owner of Action Impact Bill Kucyk.