Woman charged with slapping teacher at Hazel Park school

Leandra Creer charges with assault for Tuesday incident at Webb Elementary School


FERNDALE, Mich. – A 34-year-old Missouri woman was arrested Tuesday for allegedly slapping a teacher at a school in Ferndale.

Police said Leandra Creer, of Kansas City, Mo., is facing charges of assault and battery for the incident at Webb Elementary School.

Although part of the Hazel Park School District, the school is on Woodward Heights near Hilton in Ferndale.

Police said a teacher at the school noticed Creer, who was wearing pajama bottoms, and asked her what she was doing there. Creer told the teacher she was there to take a student to lunch and mentioned a name the teacher had never heard of, police said.

When the teacher asked Creer to follow normal visitor procedure and check in at the school's office, police said Creer refused and kept walking.

When the teacher went to the office to report Creer, Creer confronted her and slapped her in the face, police said.

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