Allen Park officer recovering from vicious attack

Wayne Albright suffers broken leg during tussle with 25-year-old suspect


ALLEN PARK, Mich. – Allen Park Police Officer Wayne Albright says you can never be sure about what you're going to encounter on the other end of an emergency call.

"The most simplest call in the world, if you're not on your game, and even when you are on your game, you can't control the outcome," he said.

Albright, who has been an officer for 19 years, talked with Local 4 Thursday from the couch in his home. He's homebound after being viciously attacked responding to a recent family emergency.

Albright says his leg is broken in two spots and his leg was nearly severed off when he was beaten by a man he was trying to arrest.

Albright says 25-year-old Daniel Robert Felice knocked him to the ground and he heard a snap.

"If I could have cut my foot off to stop the pain, I would have cut my foot off," Albright said.

Felice was eventually taken into custody with the help of Albright's partner and Albright was rushed to the hospital.


--A picture of Albright's foot in the hospital

The father of two has to use crutches to get around.

"I hope I can play basketball with my son some day, because I really thought, based on how it looked, I was going to lose my foot," he said.

Despite the serious injury Albright suffered, his family says they're glad it wasn't anything more.

"I'm just very grateful and thankful to the Lord that he's still here," said Albright's mother, Jan.

Felice has been charged with assaulting a police officer.


--Daniel Felice