Faulty meters create water woes in Rochester

City officials say meters haven't been doing their job, giving some residents breaks on their bills

ROCHESTER, Mich. – Rochester residents have unwittingly been getting a break on their water bills, but their good fortunes are about to change.  

City officials tested 73 water meters and discovered that 78 percent of them are faulty.

The average error is 33 percent on the low side.


The current meters are 30 years old and are no longer manufactured.

The Rochester council delayed action this week on a $1.3 million contract to replace all meters in the city. 

Members want more testing, and development of a plan to communicate the change to residents.

However, most council members believe the switch to new wireless meters is necessary, and inevitable.

Some bills could increase by as much as forty per cent, but city leaders expect to give rate relief to water customers who are hit the hardest.

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