SE Michigan counties plan for winter storm, prepare for snowy roads

County road departments say crews will be working overnight to tackle wintry weather


DETROITWayne County:


There's 2,000 miles of roads to clear, but when the snow starts to fall, 150 trucks will be there to tackle them.

"If you get in a truck and you drive to Las Vegas, that is how many miles of roads we have," said Cindy Dingell, Wayne County's deputy CEO.

Watch: Wayne County works to keep roads clear, safe

Dingell said timing will be everything with the rain turning to heavy, wet snow.

"The issue is the rain prior to that. If you have rain on the road and you're salting or pre-treating, it really doesn't do much good because it's going to wash off."

Macomb County:


Up to 115 trucks are ready for snow and ice removal, but the county is also trimming back tree limbs as a preventative measure to help avoid lines coming down and taking out power to residents.

Watch: Macomb County prepares salt trucks

"With this wet snow, it concerns us. So, we are concentrated on some of those questionable trees all across the roadway," said Leo Ciavatta, of the Macomb County Department of Roads.

Oakland County:


The county's 106 salt trucks and snow plows are on standby as the forecast changes minute by minute.

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"We're hoping that as we get closer, the forecast will kind of converge, and as the storm moves in, we'll get a better feeling for what is actually going to happen," said road commission spokesman Craig Bryson. "It's very difficult to plan right now."

Washtenaw County:

Day shift workers are on the clock until 8 p.m. Tuesday to work on highways and primary roads. The night crew will then take over and work into the morning.

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