Study: Female employees are less prone to distraction

Research shows women are more likely to get assignments done compared to men


Do you remember that's 80's band "Men at Work"? Well, you could call this study "Women That Work". According to a new study by independent research consultancy the Ponemon Institute, female employees work harder and longer than men.

Among the subjects that took part in trials across the U.S., females consistently worked for a longer period of time during a ten-minute experiment than their male colleagues. Researchers also discovered that men are even less productive when women are around.

The 274 subjects involved in the study all worked in financial services, consumer products, education, health care and energy.

The study showed not only do women work longer, but they also apparently work harder than their male counterparts.

When subjects were given the opportunity to walk away during an experimental waiting period, just 38 percent of women left their desk, while 52 percent of men did. Moreover, men were found to be less productive if a woman was around. When the researcher and subject were both male, the average time worked was 3.6 minutes. When they were both female, productivity rose to four minutes. But with a female researcher and a male subject, the time worked dropped to just 2.8 minutes.

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