French fry parties a hit in Asia

Teens in Japan, South Korea stage excessive fry-eating contests


Teens in Southeast Asia are jumping on a greasy, potentially heart attack-inducting trend -- french fry eating parties.

The concept is this: a group of teens orders around 30 large packs of fries, spreads them out on a table or over a series of trays and then spends hours trying to eat all of them.

Photos of the parties are going viral in Japan and South Korea, according to Yahoo! News.

One group of teens in Japan is said to have ordered 60 packs of large fries, The Daily Mail reported.

And in South Korea, a group of about 12 teens was kicked out of a McDonald's after attempting to down $250 in fries, the Guardian reported.

The owner reportedly called them "brats" and told them to "stop causing trouble" and "get out of here."

The gluttonous trend began after the Golden Arches lowered its French fry prices in Japan from $2.40 to $1.60, Yahoo! reported.