Ohio killer's execution gives some closure to Michigan victim's family

Frederick Treesh accused of killing Livonia man in 1994, but never was charged after getting Ohio death sentence for another murder


LIVONIA, Mich. – The year was 1994. Two brothers were gunned down in their Livonia video store by two men.

Frank Danno was shot multiple times, but survived. His brother, Ghassan Danno, was killed.

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"Everybody loved him. He was like a big teddy bear," said Frank.

Eighteen years later, Frank finally finds some closure. The man suspected of killing Ghassan was executed Wednesday morning by lethal injection in an Ohio prison.

Frank wasn't there to see 48-year-old Frederick Treesh take his last breath, but his sister-in-law was.

"He came in. He didn't even look at us. Not even an eye," Deanna Danno said.

Nearly two decades ago, Treesh and a friend embarked on a violent crime spree of robbery and rape. Their destructive trail spanned several Midwest states.

Days after Ghassan was murdered, Treesh killed an Ohio security guard. He was later sentenced to death. He directed these words at the Danno family during his last statement: "I'm not saying sorry to the victims in Michigan because I was never tried. I was never charged."

"Obviously, the guy never improved over 18 years," said Frank.

Their brother left behind a wife and kids who will never be the same.

"I think the world will be a better place now that one less evil person is in it," said Steve Danno, Ghassan's other brother.

Frank said it brings closure, but it's still not going to bring their brother back.

The Dannos say Treesh never was charged with murder in Michigan because he was sentenced to death in Ohio. In the last days of his life, Treesh tried to avoid death row, but Ohio's governor denied him clemency.