Soldier topped goodies deemed 'inappropriate' at Caro elementary school

Third grader told soldier-topped cupcakes were inappropriate


CARO, Mich. – Call it a cupcake controversy.

A third grader at Schall Elementary School in Caro was told the toy soldier topped cupcakes he took to class to celebrate his 9th birthday were inappropriate.


Casey Fountain recently baked and decorated 30 cupcakes for her son's classmates. She topped them with plastic army guys. She was then called by the principal of the school, Susan Wright, who told her the cupcakes were "insensitive" due to the recent gun-related tragedy at Sandy Hook Elementary school in Connecticut.

The army soldiers were removed from the cupcakes.

Do you think the green army guys should have been removed from the cupcakes?

Principal Susan Wright released the following statement.

"In the climate of recent events in schools we walk a delicate balance in teaching non-violence in our buildings and trying to ensure a safe, peaceful atmosphere. On one hand, there are those who advocate arming teachers, having armed security guards and creating a fortress of defense in our schools. On the other hand, there are those who feel that guns create fear in schools and we need to put solid security measures in place  plus practice routines to be prepared in case an emergency should ever occur. Living in a democratic society entails respect for opposing opinions.

Recently, a third grade boy brought cupcakes to school with plastic soldiers carrying weapons atop each one. These are toys that were commonplace in the past. However some parents prohibit all guns as toys. In light of that difference, the school offered to replace the soldiers with another item and the soldiers were returned home with the student.

In hindsight, one can always second guess a course of action. Schools walk a tightrope on many topics. By not permitting toy soldiers on cupcakes at school, no disrespect for our military or for the brave men and women who defend our right to have differences was intended. Our commitment is always to our children and creating a safe place for them to learn, grow and have respectful dialogues about their differences"