Teen hides during robbery, ransacking at Detroit home

Teen says robbers went through every room in Detroit house but her own, which was locked

DETROIT – An 18-year-old woman is lucky to be alive Thursday after having to hide in her own west Detroit home.

At 4 a.m. Thursday Tori's mother was at work. The shining porch light and locked front door were not enough to stop a couple of men from busting through the home's front window.

"All the doors were open except for mine. They went into every room except for mine," Tori said. "I heard them running up and down the steps, going into all the different rooms, throwing everything."

She was trapped in her bedroom. The men were roaming through the house. Tori grabbed her phone but didn't have cellphone service activated to make calls.

She turned to the next best thing: social media. She reached out to her God mother who then tried to call police.

"'We need the police here. They are not here. I called over 30 minutes ago,' she was like, 'Well, three other people called, I mean, ma'am someone is coming out.' Click," said Kenyetta McCune.

McCune showed up at the home before Detroit police. The suspects already had fled. More than an hour later, McCune says, police finally arrived.

"A whole two hours it takes for police to serve and protect?" she said. "They took two TVs. They ransacked all the bedrooms, emptied out some purses."

No one was arrested. The house was left ransacked. However, Tori was physically unharmed.

"It was just a blessing they didn't go into her room. I don't know why they skipped it but they didn't go into her room," said McCune.