L. Brooks Patterson regrets Kwame Kilpatrick's 'wasted' potential

Oakland County executive says Kwame Kilpatrick could have gone far


Oakland County executive L. Brooks Patterson knew Kwame Kilpatrick when the one-time Detroit mayor was an up-and-coming political figure.

"Everybody who met him said they liked him," Patterson said.

But as Patterson saw Kilpatrick go from a fresh-faced political newcomer to a convicted felon, the veteran Oakland County political leader said Kilpatrick wasted the talents that could have taken him to great heights.

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"Had he kept his powder dry and done the type of job he could have done for Detroit, I bet you he would be the front runner trying to succeed Carl Levin today," Patterson said, speaking about the long-time US Senator who last week said he would not seek re-election in 2014.

But when all is said and done, L. Brooks Patterson said he was not shocked or surprised by the verdicts.

Many other Oakland County residents voiced their reactions to the verdicts.

Benjamin Baker of Lathrup Village said he hopes the case will represent a turning point that will benefit the people of Detroit.

"I believe they have gotten some bad political leadership in the years' past, but by the grace of God, I believe that will turn around.  I think all looks good from this point forward," Baker said.

Denise Tomaszewski, of Royal Oak, like many who followed the case, said it appeared the jurors got it right.

"I think justice is served," Tomaszewski said.