Detroit City Council to appeal governor's emergency manager plan during Tuesday hearing

Detroit City Council to appeal state review team's findings; Mayor Bing doesn't support appeal


DETROIT – The Detroit City Council will head to Lansing on Tuesday to appeal a state-appointed financial review team's findings that Detroit is in need of an emergency financial manager.

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After the meeting, there is a chance Gov. Rick Snyder will announce whether of not one will be appointed.

Detroit Mayor Dave Bing said he is against the City Council's appeal. Bings says it is time to stop the fighting and accept the fact that an emergency financial manager will take over the city's finances.

"It is simply a fight that we cannot win at the 11th hour and a 30-minute appeals hearing," said Bing. "We must take the most productive course of action so as not to prolong the battle knowing what the outcome will be."

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