Parents concerned after bed bugs found in Taylor school

Bed bugs found twice at McDowell Elementary


TAYLOR, Mich. – McDowell Elementary in Taylor will be open for students on Monday.

But, some parents are considering keeping their kids home from school until they can get to the source of a bed bug problem inside.

"There are more than just four bugs in that school," said Katrina Kilbane.

Kilbane's 4-year-old son attends McDowell, but he might not be in his kindergarten class on Monday.

"I can't afford to replace everything in my house because the school can't find the source of it and get rid of it," she said.  

Two times this month school officials have found bed bugs inside the building, the latest discovery was made Wednesday.

While the school was closed on Friday, for teacher record day, exterminators sprayed the building for the second time this month.

The Taylor School District sent parents a letter on March 13th, explaining the steps the district is taking to protect students.

McDowell is requiring all text and library books to remain at school and student backpacks are not allowed in the building.

Still parents are afraid children will bring the bugs home.

"Your beds have to be thrown away. Your couch has to be put in the garbage. You can't just get rid of them easily," said Kilbane. "If it happens again, my son will not go back to school there."