Accused roadway shooter waives preliminary exam

Raulie Casteel bound over for trial Monday in Michigan attorney general's case


The man accused in a series of shootings on and off Interstate 96 in southeast Michigan has waived his right to a preliminary exam.

Raulie Casteel was bound over for trial on Monday.

The Michigan attorney general's office is prosecuting Casteel on terrorism, attempted murder and other charges in Livingston County.

Casteel lived with his wife, daughter and in-laws in Wixom, 40 miles northwest of Detroit.

Two dozen random shootings occurred last fall in a four-county area. One man was injured.


Oakland County is also charging Casteel with 60 separate charges for incidents alleged to have occurred in that county.

About Casteel:

Raulie Casteel
Raulie Casteel

On professional websites, the 43-year-old Casteel described himself as a geologist and soil scientist with experience in environmental cleanup. He's a Michigan native who lived in Taylorsville, Ky., before returning to his home state last year.

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