Detroit emergency financial manager Kevyn Orr's back taxes still unpaid

Maryland court says tax liens not yet paid by Kevyn Orr

Newly named Detroit Emergency Financial Manager Kevyn Orr has an old problem in Maryland.

Orr still has unpaid tax liens.

This past weekend, Orr admitted the mistake was his for not paying taxes on child care for his two children. That mistake led to liens being put on his Maryland home. Orr said the tax bills were taken care of.

On Monday, Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder also said the problem was resolved.

"It was something obviously we would have preferred not happen. It was just an oversight on Kevyn's part. He took care of it as quickly as possible and the way I view it, it's done, corrected. Let's move forward because let's get to the issues that count," Snyder said.

However, Local 4 learned late Monday that of the four liens placed on Orr's home amounting to about $32,000 and going back to 2008, two have been paid.  Two others have not.

The governor's office said late Monday that Orr sent a cashier's check to the Montgomery County, Md. court over the weekend to cover the remaining amount of unpaid taxes.

The court might not have acknowledged the payment because of the time it takes to process the payment.