MDOT to fix misspelled Conner Avenue sign in Detroit

State will replace misspelled sign on I-94 in Detroit


DETROIT – The Michigan Department of Transportation will replace a pair of signs on Interstate 94 in Detroit  that have a misspelling.

New exit signs were put up on the freeway between French Road and 8 Mile Road in conjunction with a new lighting project.

Eastbound signs showed an upcoming exit for Conner Avenue.

But two westbound signs spelled the exit differently, naming it Connor Avenue. MDOT spokesman Rob Morosi said the signs were changed over the past several months. 

The misspelled signs will remain in place until signs with the correct spelling are ready.

"We didn't want to take the old sign down so people would have an idea when they are traveling that it would be Conner Avenue a half-mile and City Airport but until the new one is ready we will leave the old one up and then replace it with a new one," Morosi said.

Morosi said taxpayers would not foot the bill for a new sign.  That cost will be absorbed by the contractor.