Mystery truck lodged in tree

Pickup found wedged 10 feet up in tree along Oregon highway


SHERWOOD, Ore. – Investigators in Oregon are trying to figure out how a pickup truck got lodged 10 feet up in a tree.

The truck was spotted Saturday morning near a highway in Sherwood, Ore.

Tualatin Valley Fire & Rescue crews told Portland TV station KATU the truck had been empty for some time, and there were no signs that the driver was thrown from the vehicle or injured in the crash.

They used thermal scanners to make sure no one was inside.

On Sunday, the driver returned to the scene while investigators were processing evidence.

Police cited Emily Van Vleck of St. Paul, Ore., for hit-and-run and criminal mischief, Portland TV station KOIN reported.

Just how her truck ended up in that tree remains unclear.

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