Prosecutor Worthy settles budget lawsuit with Wayne County

Wayne County prosecutor settles lawsuit with county over budget, but hasn't released details of settlement


DETROIT – Wayne County Prosecutor Kym L. Worthy has settled a budget lawsuit with the county.

Worthy was suing the county commissioners and county Executive Robert Ficano for allegedly underfunding her Prosecutor's Office. She said Ficano signed a letter promising her $35 million in funding this year. The budget gave Worthy only $24 million.

She has laid off dozens of prosecutors.

"We have just settled our lawsuit with Wayne County," Worthy said in a statement released Monday. "I do not want to discuss the details at this time because it will not be official until we have the approval of the Wayne County Commission. A date of May 16, 2013, has been tentatively set for the settlement to be presented to the Commission."

Ficano has said Worthy is over budget. He said she was using a "scare tactic" when calling the cuts a danger to public safety.

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