Sheriff: Man steals truck, gets stuck in mud, steals bike

David Alan Halleck accused of stealing bike after ditching stolen truck in Harrison Township field


HARRISON TOWNSHIP, Mich. – Police have an Eastpointe man in custody who is accused of stealing a truck, getting it stuck in the mud then stealing a bicycle to escape.

The Macomb County Sheriff's Office was called to the 35000 block of Jefferson Avenue to check on a truck stuck in a field next to the Lakeshore Mobile Home Park on Saturday.

The deputy found a 1995 Ford pick-up truck stuck in the mud and discovered it was reported stolen out of Centerline.

While the deputy was recovering the truck, a neighbor from the Harrison Cove Condominium complex reported that someone just rode away with his bicycle.

Police tracked the man to the Harbor Club (South) apartments and arrested him.

David Alan Halleck, age 48, was charged with possession of stolen property for the bicycle and receiving and concealing stolen property for the truck.

He was given a $5000 bond at an interim hearing on Sunday. Halleck also had an outstanding parole violation warrant for his arrest.