Survey lists the top excuses drivers use to talk their way out of traffic tickets

Drivers blame GPS as a way to swindle out of tickets


DETROIT – Drivers come up with some of the most outrageous excuses when getting pulled over by police. Some excuses are more prevalent than others. Insurance.com surveyed 500 drivers, asking them which excuse they are most likely to use to talk themselves out of a ticket.

Overall, the list looks like the same batch of excuses that's always been around, but some stick out a tad bit more than others.  Drivers actually blame their traffic wrongdoing on their navigation system. Although that excuse is number 10, with the rise in technology it's only a matter of time before it skyrockets up the list.

Here are more results of Insurance.com's survey:

1. I couldn't see the sign telling me not to do it: 20.5%.

2. I'm lost and unfamiliar with the roads: 15.6%.

3. I didn't know it was broken: 12.4%.

4. Everyone else was doing it: 6.4%.

5. I'm having an emergency situation in my car. (For instance, spilled a hot drink on your lap.): 5.4%.

6. I missed my turn/exit: 4.8%.

7. I had to go to the bathroom: 4.6%.

8. I didn't do anything dangerous: 4.2%.

9. I was on my way to an emergency. (For example, to help someone who is ill or injured.): 4%.

10. My GPS said it was the right thing to do: 2.2%.

11. I'm just helping out; I wasn't even supposed to be driving. (For example, your friend is intoxicated.): 2%.