Buena Vista Schools stay closed; enrichment camp proposed

Teachers, all but 3 employees laid off due to financial woes


BUENA VISTA TOWNSHIP, Mich. – A low-income school district that has been closed since May 3 because it ran out of money has developed a tentative plan to get the students back in school as early as next week.

Saginaw Intermediate School District Superintendent Richard Syrek told The Associated Press that Buena Vista School District students may be able to attend an "enhanced skills camp." He says the optional program will likely last 4-6 weeks. District leaders say parents are not required to send their children to the skills camp. Administrators are asking laid-off teachers to return to run the camp. They would be paid through federal dollars.

The plan needs approval from the district's school board, which meets Tuesday. The district's in Saginaw County's Buena Vista Township, near Saginaw.

The district laid off its teachers and all but three employees last Tuesday. It said it wouldn't make payroll because the state is withholding funding to recoup $580,000 for a program the district no longer operates.