Politicians look at Bing-Ficano race for Wayne County executive

Detroit Mayor Dave Bing has backers if he challenges Ficano for Wayne County executive position

DETROIT – While Dave Bing will not seek another term as Detroit's mayor, he is holding out the possibility of seeking another office.  That office might be Wayne County executive, which is currently the domain of Bob Ficano.

In making his announcement to not seek re-election, Bing said he would form an exploratory committee, with the possibility of running for county executive.

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Detroit city council member Saunteel Jenkins found parallels in the current state of the county's finances with the situation Bing found when he became mayor.

"It is ironic that Wayne County is in the stages of its financial situation that the city of Detroit was in when Bing took office," Jenkins said.

Wayne County commission chair Gary Woronchak said he has a high regard for Bing, although the announcement of considering a run for county executive was unexpected.

"It was a curve ball from mayor Bing. He is a man of integrity and a man who has a lot of respect and if he wants to look into it, that's democracy," Woronchak said.

Wayne County commissioner Bernard Parker was enthusiastic about a Bing candidacy.

"I think he would make an excellent county executive. I look forward to supporting him," Parker said.

Bob Ficano has been facing several crises in county government.  The severance package paid to former county official Turkia Mullin has hounded him, as has a series of federal investigations into corruption in county government offices.

Ficano has pointed out that the filing deadline for the next election is a year away.

For now, Ficano says he will focus on running Wayne County government.