Victim speaks about attack at Detroit gas station

Victim of beating, stabbing at Detroit gas station now recovering in hospital; police seek suspect, witnesses


DETROIT – Surveillance video from a Detroit gas station shows the brutal attack of a 64-year-old man. He was stabbed multiple times inside the station off of the Lodge Freeway near 8 Mile Road.

Detroit police have been looking for the suspect and at least two witnesses, who police say, just watched the attack without intervening.

On Tuesday night, the Local 4 Defenders spoke with the victim on the phone from his room at Sinai-Grace Hospital.

"I was fighting him as best as I could ... when I got to bleeding real bad I got weak," he said.

The attack happened early Saturday morning. The man responsible was captured on camera lurking outside the station, waiting to make his move.

The victim was first confronted outside of the station. The violence continued inside.

The victim said he is stunned no one tried to help him.

"When I made my way back into the gas station I figured he had taken off, but he came into the gas station, and nobody tried to help me out in the gas station," the victim said.

The gas station owner, who asked to have his identity concealed, could not believe what his cameras captured.

"That's just sad. Both of these guys could have helped. They could have grabbed him," the owner said.

Police investigators believe the witnesses, both men, could have helped. They could have grabbed the attacker. Police also believe the suspect likely lives near the gas station.

The victim remains hospitalized but he said he hopes to return home next week.

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