Documents show Kwame Kilpatrick may have planned for more than 1 trial

Imprisoned ex-Detroit mayor wants out of prison, new federal trial


DETROIT – Kwame Kilpatrick will return to court next week to talk about why he should get a new trial after being convicted in March on multiple corruption charges including racketeering.

On Thursday, new documents show the former Detroit mayor may have known he was going to lose the first time around.

Kilpatrick wants out of prison because, he says, he has a bad knee which makes him feel unsafe. He wants a new trial because the media was unfair to him and he was stuck with an attorney he did not want. Taxpayers who foot the bill for his defense say too bad.

Now, it seems, Kilpatrick may have been taking steps to try to overturn his conviction before his federal trial even began. He filed a grievance against his attorney, James Thomas, before the trial. A letter obtained by the Detroit Free Press says Kilpatrick's grievance had no merit and was dismissed.

"This agency will not act as a substitute for your appellate remedies," the commission's letter reads.

Kilpatrick has been ordered to return to federal court for a scheduling conference. He has complained about the jury, the witnesses, the evidence, his lawyer and the media. However, the judge won't budge. The convictions stand, so far.

The status conference will be next week. A sentencing date on Kilpatrick's racketeering, fraud and tax convictions has not been set.