Bobby Ferguson won't give judge personal financial information

Judge wants to know if Bobby Ferguson can afford his own attorney in bid-rigging case


DETROIT – Bobby Ferguson was back in federal court on Monday in downtown Detroit where his personal finances were the focus.

The government is getting ready to retry Ferguson's bid-rigging case -- the one that ended after one juror failed to convict. On Monday, Ferguson was asked a simple question: Do you want to hire your own attorney or do you want a court-appointed representative?

Ferguson, who appeared noticeably thinner, asked a few of his own questions before giving an answer. He does not want to disclose personal financial information before the court but the judge can't move ahead with appointing an attorney unless he believes Ferguson meets the financial requirements.

Ferguson asked if one can be appointed without having to provide the financial information. The judge said no.

That means Ferguson must either come up with the cash to hire his own attorney or he will move forward representing himself.

He also may be holding this part of things up until he is sentenced in the federal corruption trial.

"For reasons that I cannot discuss he is not prepared and I don't believe will ever sign the affidavit of emergency," said attorney David Steingold, who previously represented Ferguson.

Meanwhile, former Detroit mayor Kwame Kilpatrick is due in court Thursday for a status hearing.

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