Tom Barrow continues fight to remove Mike Duggan's name from mayoral ballot

Barrow has asked for an emergency hearing regarding Duggan's residency


DETROIT – Detroit Mayoral candidate Tom Barrow is taking his fight to remove fellow candidate Mike Duggan's name from the November ballot a step further.

Barrow's original complaint was filed May 14, when he raised the question of whether Duggan bought a home in the city of Detroit and lived there for a full year before filing his papers to run for mayor.

The Detroit Election Commission voted 2-1 to allow Duggan, the former Detroit Medical Center CEO, to stay on the ballot.

"Last week all we got was a 'political' decision," said Barrow. "No one is above the law. So, this week we are seeking a 'legal' decision based on a plain reading of our city's Charter, the case law and legal precedents, not political trickery."

Thursday afternoon, Barrow went directly to the Wayne County Circuit Court to ask for an emergency hearing regarding Duggan's residency.

Duggan say he and his staff were exceptionally careful. "We expected a challenge so the folks here double and triple checked every single circulator, every single signature. We knew what the law was. We knew that May 14 was the deadline and I was legally registered here by April 16," said Duggan.