Philadelphia restaurant unveils Lasagna Bun Burger

Lasagna Burger Bun is the latest installment in PYT's 'Burger of the Week' series


PHILADELPHIA – Philadelphia burger restaurant PYT has revealed its latest installment of their "Burger of the Week". This particular burger is a bit different than their normal burgers.

The Lasagna Bun Burger has been around for less than a week, but it already has a large following, especially with hearty carb driven eaters.

The idea started with PYT owner Tommy Up. Breading and deep-frying lasagna had been done before. Kim Malcom, PYT's head chef, was tasked with figuring out how to make it work for paying customers.

Malcom starts by baking and freezing trays of lasagna filled with ricotta, mozzarella and meat sauce. One large hunk is then halved like a burger bun, covered in flour, egg wash, and then breaded in a homemade Italian breadcrumb mix, before being frozen once more.

For meat, she blends traditional meatball mixture using ground beef, egg yolk, and seasonings. That is formed into a patty, cooked, topped with melted provolone and house marinara, placed between two crunchy, gooey lasagna wedges and served with fries.

While you can't eat it like a regular burger, eaters are up to the challenge. Some hack off hunks of lasagna and stack the with meatball to form huge bites, sometimes even tossing fries into the equation.

"When you take comfort food to a creative and wacky level, it sells so much better," said Malcolm. "Lasagna is a comfort food in most homes. Burgers are a comfort food in most homes. But when you put the two together and deep-fry it? Mind-blowing."

Thanks to its large popularity, the burger may be here to stay.

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