Birmingham police recover stolen vehicles

Police trying to track down suspects connected to car thefts


BIRMINGHAM, Mich. – Last week the Birmingham Police Department issued a warning about stolen vehicles and items stolen from vehicles parked in driveways. All of the incidents were crimes of opportunity, with the vehicles unlocked and several with the car keys left inside.

Police said Wednesday that three out of four stolen vehicles have been recovered. Two vehicles were found in Detroit; one was found in Highland Park. Officers were able to use evidence from the first recovered vehicle to locate the second vehicle. They are developing suspects based on evidence found inside the recovered vehicles.

The Birmingham Police Department continues to encourage all residents to remove keys and valuables from their vehicles, and to lock their car doors. To submit a tip regarding the recent thefts, call Mike Albrecht at (248) 530-1762 or e-mail birminghampolice@bhamgov.org.


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