Gender of baby Peregrine Falcon hatched on Campbell Ewald building released

Baby girl has yet to be named


WARREN, Mich. – After watching, waiting and wondering - we now know the gender of one of the baby Peregrine Falcons which hatched on the roof of the Campbell Ewald building Warren. It is a girl! The next step will be trying to figure out her name. The website cefalcons.tumblr.com has launched a 'Help name our baby girl! campaign' You can submit your ideas here on the website. A $1,000 donation will be made to the Michigan DNR in the name of the person who suggests the winning name

The Department of Natural Resources and the Detroit Zoo held an event Wednesday where they banded the baby bird so they'll be able to track her lifelong patterns.


A second falcon did not survive. A third never hatched. It has been an interesting journey because a security camera has been capturing every move the birds have made.