Superintendent: 'Predator' report in Grosse Ile was false

Grosse Ile Township school superintendent says incident never happened

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GROSSE ILE, Mich. – Parents could be letting out a sigh of relief after receiving an email from their children's schools that a report about a "classic predator event" was false.

Bill Eis, superintendent of Grosse Ile township Schools, sent an email to parents to let them know that a report of a sixth-grade girl being approached by a man in his 60s was false and did not happen.

The initial report was that a student was walking in the area of Meridian and Thorofare Tuesday morning and said she was approached by a man in a red F150 pick up truck with New Jersey license plates.

The report was that the man offered to give her a ride to the bus stop and said she could ride with his puppy that was in the truck.

Eis said in an email that his initial notice to parents was based on an interview done by one school police officers early in the morning.

"Upon a more thorough interview with this same student by our school liaison officer, it was determined that what was said during the earlier interview had not been accurate. I cannot tell you why this happened," Eis said.

Eis went on to say that there is no threat to Grosse Ile students based on this report. 

"We believe there was a red truck but no conversation took place nor any kind of threat happened," he said.

Eis also apologized for the confusion.

In the initial notice to parents, Eis had said that police described this scenario is a "classic predator event."