Thieves use stolen van to smash into Southfield gun shop, steal assault rifles

Police say at least 20 high-power weapons are now on streets


SOUTHFIELD, Mich. – At least 20 guns are now in the wrong hands after a group of thieves used a stolen truck to smash into a Southfield gun shop.

Police told Local 4 it happened overnight at the Action Impact gun store on 8 Mile Road.

The thieves busted through a security gate, went through the parking lot and rammed right into the brick wall of the store. They busted a hole big enough to gain access to the inside of the building.

Store owner Bill Cucyk found the damage when he pulled into his parking lot around 7:30 a.m. Wednesday.

"They smashed the wall in two locations, behind the range and behind my classroom," said Cucyk.

Police told Local 4 the thieves used a stolen truck from Henry Ford Health Systems to pull off the crime.

"We have a concern that there are a couple of guns that may be out on the street and I think that everybody in the Detroit metropolitan area needs to be aware of that," said Cucyk.

The men wore hooded sweatshirts and masks. They stole several guns in just a matter of minutes.

"If they any information, if anybody is trying to sell some guns, please call police," said Cucyk.

Federal investigators are working with Southfield Police on investigating the crime. They are going over several minutes of surveillance video to hopefully identify the two suspects that pulled off the crime.