Pontiac boy breaks loose from gunman trying to abduct him

11-year-old boy says father showed him how to break away from potential abductors such as this


PONTIAC, Mich. – Elijah Mays, 11, described the man who tried to abduct him Wednesday afternoon after he got off of his school bus in Pontiac.

"He was dark brown. No facial hair," the boy said.

The man approached Elijah with a gun.

"He was just holding (the gun) on his side," Elijah said.

Then, the man moved to attack him.

"He had pulled my arm and said, 'Come to my house.' Then I said, 'No,' then broke loose and started running away," the boy said.

Elijah said he managed to break free from the man's grasp by twisting his arm and yanking it away. It's a move he says his father taught him in case he ever found himself in this exact situation.

"I teach them all how to turn toward the thumb like you're yanking it and they'll automatically be released," said his father, Michael Cameron.

Elijah said he took off his backpack and jacket so he could run quicker. He ran all the way home and told his parents what had happened.

Cameron called police. Investigators spent the day up and down West Wilson Avenue talking to neighbors and searching throughout the neighborhood.

Elijah is still shaken and trying to get back to his normal playful self. His father says he is doing some self evaluating.

"Makes me feel like I am slipping," Cameron said. "Even though we live in a nice neighborhood, anything can happen. You've got to be there for your kids. Get them off the bus. I am glad he is alright, but just the thought of if he would have got him or if he would have shot him when he ran. It irritates me."