Video shows man's brutal beating at Inkster gas station

Surveillance cameras captured 2 men beating, robbing another man at gas station on Michigan Avenue


INKSTER, Mich. – Two men brutally attacked another man at an Inkster gas station and the whole thing was caught on surveillance camera.

It happened at a Valero station on Middlebelt Road, north of Michigan Avenue. The video shows a man headed into the gas station when he's approached by two men.

The assailants can be seen sizing up their target.

"Apparently robbery is the motive in this," said Detective Anthony Delgreco with the Inkster PD. "A blue van with two guys approached and asked him if he needed anything, assuming to sell drugs. The suspect stated 'no he didn't want anything ' and continued on to the gas station."

Raw: Inkster gas station attack.

The victim knew something shady was going on so he tried to run in the store. But the two men chased after him and pulled him to the ground where they beat him.

"Breaking the bottle over his head and assaulting him with fists and then kicking him in the head," said Delgreco.

Folks who frequent the gas station say they are watching their backs now more than ever because they're seeing a spike in crime in Inkster.

"It's gotten really bad around here. There's not a lot of police around. I'll just be honest, I carry a knife," said Robert Hammock of Inkster.

Police say the men only got away with $100. The victim is still in the hospital recovering from the attack.


Police want you to take a good look at the two men in the video to and help get them off our streets. If anyone knows anything about the two suspects please call Inkster police.