Exclusive: Detroit police bust thieves suspected of stealing hundreds of gallons of gas


DETROIT – Only Local 4 is on the scene Wednesday morning of a gasoline heist that has left even the most experienced Detroit police investigators surprised and scratching their heads.

An alert officer noticed a van parked in a odd position in the parking lot of a gas station in the 17000 block of Grand River Avenue.

The officer noticed two tubes running out of the bottom of the van and into the tank cover of the gas station.

Inside the van were two men. Police arrested them on the spot.

From there, they found that the van had been rigged into an elaborate gas pumping system designed to steal gas.

In a photo sent to Local 4, inside the van is a tank that appears to be a deep fat fryer from a restaurant. It is hooked to a pump with two hoses. Police sources say the pump works.

When police discovered the gas theft in progress, the men had already pumped 100 gallons of gas into the 250 gallon tank.

The fire department has been called in to help handle the gas in the van. Police cannot tow the van with the gas inside of it.

A HAZMAT crew has also been called and is on the way to the gas station to help with any spilled gasoline.

Police may try to pump the gas back into the station's tank.

We're learning many more details about this homemade gas stealing system. Stay with Local 4 News Morning, Shawn Ley is on the scene and will show you what's going on.


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