Suspected serial home invader strikes in Waterford Township

Police believe same man is behind 3 Waterford Township home invasions


WATERFORD TOWNSHIP, Mich. – The Waterford Township Police Department is searching for a man they believe is behind three home invasions on the same street.

On Wednesday, officers were called to a home in the 2000 bock of Caterham for an attempted home invasion. Officers were told by the homeowner that a man tried to get into the home through a locked garage door.

The would-be burglar was caught on the victim's home security system.  He also was recorded on one of the responding officer's in-car camera system before the crime was even reported.

The same suspect is believed to have broken into another home on the same block of Caterham through an unlocked door.  He managed to steal several items from the home.

On May 14, police believe the same man was caught on another security system breaking into another home. The suspect made off with several items while the homeowners were sleeping.  Before he left, the suspect noticed the cameras and put up his middle finger.

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A reward is being offered of up to $1,000 for information leading to an arrest and conviction of the suspect.


-- Surveillance image from May 14 incident

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