Thieves hit struggling west Detroit bar

Bar owner understands Detroit police are busy, but so do crooks


DETROIT – It was early Sunday morning when a man caught on surveillance video worked hard to pry through the back door of a recently closed bar on Detroit's west side.

The man got inside the Last Call bar on Warren Avenue, grabbed a cash register and loaded up on booze. With the security alarm sounding off the man returned for more -- so did a friend.

"They drank a bunch of liquor while they were in here, obviously," said bar owner Gloria Willis.

Willis says it took police an hour to get to the bar and file a report.

"When a business calls and says they're getting broken into or your alarm company calls and says this business is getting broken into, show up. Show up," she said.

A Detroit police spokesperson told Local 4 responding to life-threatening runs are top priority. It was likely that in this case police were busy tending to more serious calls.

It's life over property, and Willis gets the message. The problem is the bad guys do, too.

"You know these people know that they can come in, break in. They can take what they want. They can come back for more and there is still no police officers. It's just not fair," Willis said.

After combining the los of liquor and property damage, Willis estimates she is out thousands of dollars. She is still waiting to hear back from police.