Tom Barrow's response to Mike Duggan appeal

Duggan is free to appeal to the state courts, the US Supreme Court, the World Court at The Hague and even Capt. Kirk's United Federation of Planets, the result will be the same because the decision is rooted in the case law and state statutes.

So many in Detroit believe that the legal system is "flexible" and accommodates the wealthy and powerful while working people must accept their fate at the mercy of the courts. Yesterday's decision balanced the scales in many Detroiters minds, restoring a modicum of confidence necessary for governing.

For Duggan to continue this futile legal fight is a waste of resources, and is in fact divisive for the city, where the decision restored confidence in the judicial system, his attempt to appeal continues to create an atmosphere of privilege where money trumps the law.

Duggan needs to heed the advice he has offered so many times as a Prosecutor and that is to accept the decision and move on with his life and allow Detroiters to seek out the leadership they deserve to move the city forward.